Saturday, March 16, 2019

Still riding to be had..............

Temps are back below freezing and the light snow we started seeing this morning has been just enough to do the trick.  Made the video a little longer today, so those of you that aren't here can get your fix.  With the way the forecast keeps changing, who knows we may be riding till they close the gates just yet.

Today's video...……...


  1. My season has finished. Thanks for all of your videos this year. Great commentary and analysis of conditions. Pleasure to have met you last weekend. Brian from upper bucks county

    1. Your welcome, nice meeting you also and thanks for stopping in and saying 'Hi"

  2. Team DD logs in 114 miles today. Raquette Lake, MRPs, Old Forge trails, south to Wigwam and back. W-Jack wings and pizza at Tony Harpers....!

  3. I'm coming back up next weekend your videos and the blog are great for a person that lives so far away it keeps me informed