Friday, March 15, 2019

In search of..........

If you remember me stating that the trails last Thursday where so good that you could get in trouble in a split second.  It turns out that clipping a tree can have a funny effect on the bulk head and tunnel.  So now I'm searching for a 2015 or newer Polaris Rush Axys with a blown motor. As the one I have only has 1400 miles on it, but needs more work that it's worth.  So if you know of one, please drop me a line.  


  1. Oh, no!!!! What a drag, Steve. I may be in the same situation - took a friend sledding for the second time (ever). Stuffed one ski in a shallow drift on Peck Lake on Sunday... I think he panicked and let go of the handlebars because the sled went end over end, and the scrape was only about 8" deep. Thank God he was thrown clear with no injuries, but my sled is wrecked!

  2. Hey Steve, you’re getting old. You need an old fan cooled sled that doesn’t go fast like I have. You can’t put to many miles on because your back hurts and the top speed is 60 going down hill!
    Very low maintenance! Lol!