Thursday, March 21, 2019

Best one I ever saw.............

Don't have any trail video today.  But I do have video of one of the best truck ramps I ever saw.  Went out to north street to reset the cam and saw a dozen or more sleds heading out to the trails.  It keeps looking like it's going to be over and the next thing you know we have another blast of snow coming our way.  So we may get this weekend in just yet, if we see the predicted snow on Friday.

Today's Video...……..


  1. Steve you were starting to sound like Dave there for awhile with "It's Over" never going to last- the trails have plenty of base left and even after the hit they are going to take today/nite it won't knock it out completely and with the new snow it will make for some of the best end of season riding we have had in years, Lakes are still solid I say "SENT IT" we're going .
    Be Safe Keep Right

    1. I will agree that there is more than enough base out there. The problem I've been seeing with the warm days and the sun, at night time the trails are starting to ice over. Last night the parking lot had a shine to it from the ice. If we see the snow on Friday we will have another great weekend of riding. But like always till it's on the ground it doesn't mean anything. So cross your fingers that we get it and the few that do head north will have a fun weekend.

    2. Who makes that Ramp I couldn't read the name on the side.

    3. I blew up the video and got the name. Here is a link to the company that makes it. Also did a search for it and saw it on eBay for less than what the company site has it for.

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