Monday, April 30, 2018

Different Saying..........

Most places the saying goes......April showers brings May flowers.  But here in Old Forge it goes something like this.......April snow showers when May we see flowers.

Here's what it was looking like this morning......


  1. That is like the good old days
    Love Old Forge

  2. steve i recently bought a house on otter lake and was thinking bout spending memorial day weekend up there is there any thing to do in town and the surrounding towns , other then sitting in the house and relaxing

    1. Congrats on the buying of the house. Here is a link to Old Forge events page for May

    2. Normally a house on a Lake is a lifelong dream of most congrats as for things to do goes at Camp.
      1. Look at it
      2. Fish, from shore try to catch a fish
      3. Buy a Boat to fish from because you can't catch anything from the dock
      4. Spend Time with the Fam.
      5. Fix the boat because you don't know the lake and no one told you about the rocks
      6. Start Drinking
      7. Go to town to buy something Adirondack Look at the cute Bear figurine it will look so nice at the camp
      8. Start to Wonder if you ever made the right purchase in the first place all you seem to do is work a lot on this vacation House
      9. Drink some More
      10.Go to town buy something Adirondackie
      11. Look what a cute bear
      12 Wonder what you were thinking all you do is work and not relax
      13 Fix It some more go back to town
      14 Drink
      15 Fight with the wife about why do you need another bear figurine
      16 Secretly hoping it will snow soon because it's the main reason you bought this thing was to snowmobile and that way to don't have to do any maintenance other than move snow and hang out with you freinds.
      17 Fight with the wife about all you do is Drink
      18 Go to Town and buy something Adirondackie
      19 Drink
      20 Go to the doctor he tells you your Drinking too much
      21 Look yet another Bear figurine
      22 Give up drinking and spend time with the Fam.
      23 Invite the inlaws up to show off but get in a fight about how come there are so many bear figurines
      24 Start Drinking again ,Screw what that Doctor said what does he know he's nothing but a drunk who sold you the camp in the first place.

      25 Just a few things to do at Camp take it from someone who owns a House on a Lake and working through there issues.
      Good Luck

  3. Anonymous 324
    Every town has a home page and linked to the page is a list of activities, listed month by month.
    Good luck and enjoy your new home.

  4. Still a pile of snow just off the parking lot at Daikers! TEAM DD still riding?

  5. As a 16-year Adirondack Camp owner I would not worry about what to do on Memorial Day you need to start getting ready for next winter. After this Winter's 21 days of Never Getting Over zero you're going to need to take a hard look at winterization and the work involved so you can enjoy sledding and not defrosting thing's

  6. Steve,
    I think it's time for a new thermometer or your's needs to be recalibrated your about 10 degrees off

  7. Hello all. Is there any other live Web cam of the area like the one that used to run here? Thanks.