Saturday, January 13, 2018

Trail Cam...............

Ken checked out the trail cam for me and he said there wasn't any snow on the wireless bridge.  So I started looking at the other end of the bridge and with the amount of ice that is on the PTZ cam encloser.  I'm guessing the problem is on top of the mountain.

Today's Video............


  1. 127 miles logged on Team DD Yamys today. Water, muck, slop, you name it we ran thru it. Pine Tree Inn, Big Moose Inn, Tap Room, Harpers, Barn and Daikers too.

    1. Sounds like blast. (wet or not)

    2. Stop posting. No one believes you. Show us pics of your ride. Show us pics of your stops. Don't have any? Ah fake

  2. Puzzos #99 racing team beat the dirt dozen down 4th lake this afternoon. Top speed of 124 mph got her done. How bout those wicked cats?