Saturday, January 13, 2018

Quik Update

We got half a foot or more of good heavy snow so far and there is still snow coming down. Trail cam is down and I'm guessing there is too much snow on the wireless bridge for it to work.  The groomers are back out doing there thing and with temps as low as they are trails should freeze back up fast.


  1. All the people who are saying that the season is over, stay home this weekend... this sport isn’t for you. Keep your ugly wife company.

  2. Just cleared a foot of snow out of our driveway in Victor NY. Dropping the mutt off at the prison and on our way. Move it people, got to get to the mountains pronto.

  3. See you Monday......................

  4. Bumped into a crew of folks who are in town filming with drones near Rondaxe road. Couldn't get up close as they have security.

    1. My wife and I saw them near big moose. Chatted with them. Filming a feature film. They are heading to 4th lake to film on ice. Neat!

  5. Trails in forestport .. update bring ur life jacket. The water is ripping down here ... we still made an attempt. Got wet boots !!! Gonna try again tomorrow ... or just go north to old forge n ride Dirty