Friday, January 5, 2018

Now you're talking old school conditions..........

Our high today was 2 below and traffic has been light.  Trails don't get any better than they are right now and the few that are here are going to have a weekend that they'll remember for years to come.  Yes, it's going to be a little chilly and you'll have to make a few more pit stops to warm up.  But the riding is going to be a blast and there won't be any wait to get a seat to eat.

Today's Video..........


  1. Dirty Dozen holed up at Ole Barn this afternoon..way to cold to ride.

    1. The Old Barn isn't even open today keep telling ya , you have to put in a little more effort in your stories. Start out with "Once Upon a Time" or "One time at band camp"

  2. Ho ho its cold out there but never experienced such premo conditions ever. Table top smooth and lots of bite, no snirt except for T5. Lakes are WOT till you run out of room. Hats off to Frankie and staff for several great dinners. Pike Bros Racing

  3. This blog sucks !!