Friday, January 12, 2018

Just off to the west........

The snow is coming and it's just off to our west.  By the way the radar looks, we'll be seeing a good shot of snow over night.  The R from last night took a toll on the snow, but the ice base seems to have held up pretty good.  So if we get the foot plus they are calling for, we'll be riding again soon. 

Today's Video..........


  1. Well I told you guys big warm up coming and you laughed and there will be another one end of month and February ride now.

  2. You know this weather is like my mothers dinner table you get what you get, No sense complaining about it. And to the bolg nice to see it's getting back to the normal Optimists , Pessimists, and of myself a Realist trying to figure out the world of Old Forge.
    Be Safe Keep Right

  3. How much new snow so far

  4. wow, grim to great overnight! incredible!