Monday, January 8, 2018

Got snow and more coming..............

We had light snow on Sunday night and this morning we have storm snow in the air.  Looks like we can get 3 plus before it's over.  Still calling for some R on Thursday, but I noticed that the word "chance" is now in front of the R word.  So let's hope that it doesn't happen and all we have to deal with is the warms temps for a day.  By Friday night it looks like we'll be right back into winter mode and frozen stuff coming out of the sky on Saturday.  Yesterday the high mileage riders for the day did 170 miles.  They headed over past the wind mills.

Today's Video...............


  1. Hey Steve,
    Just curious to know what the story is with that heavy set guy in the USA jacket that looks to be stuck on the homepage of your site?

    1. That picture is from many years ago. A group of us where north of Beaver River, on a goat path trail. The goal was to break trail and get to the scenic look out at the top. Well we only made it about half way up and gave up.

  2. That’s Joey Buttafucal flopping around in the front yard.