Sunday, February 12, 2017

Shouldn't be anyone ........

Forecast is looking great for the week and with all the new snow we are getting today.  There shouldn't be anyone wearing out slide rails this week and if you do, you're doing something wrong.  It was a normal weekend around town and everyone seemed to be happy with the conditions.  If you're able to get away this week do so.  As things aren't going to get any better than they are right now.

Today's Video..............


  1. The Jersey boys are heading up mid week next week till Sunday, I'm hoping for a lot of powder and jumps! See you folks soon and remember, HAMMER DOWN!

    1. You must be the guys running people off the trails with your hammer down and doing jumps in the middle of the trail

  2. Going out on a limb here that post is correct, No one cares about who's coming to town unless it's Santa and that's not happening for another 10 months, we also don't care about D&D A1, fastgirls or any other BS just would like to know about snow , trail conditions and any events that are happening around town I'd like to thank Steve for the effort I'm sure it takes a lot So please lets attempt to make at least the slightest effort to give information that has some meaning other than what been posted
    Thank You

  3. Do the rest of us a favor and stay in jersey