Saturday, February 11, 2017

Must be the week......

This afternoon I was off to the top of McCauley Mtn. to reset the cams up there.  So this must be the week for camera shut downs, as three of them had a problem in the last four days.  Looks like another great week of riding is coming our way.  So hope you have some plans to get some seat time in.

Today's Video.............


  1. There saying at Slickers a really fast group of riders buzzed the cams this week and compromised their EMI properties. Hence E=MC2/2pfrn/33k. So EMI shielding will be essential moving forward.

    1. That's Physically/megtaphysically impossible. Tho Brady Has a new 4 stroke Ive heard from guys around the complex as part of his off season training break he pulls four strokes around the trails with a shoulder strap from Under armour.. Ask DON W..