Sunday, February 5, 2017

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  1. The way i see it the long range forcast looks like we will riding well into march

  2. Indian Jim checked in tonight with 218 miles on that new Doo. Says it's the greatest thing since Frankie's opened. Reports 19 rats from trap lines.

  3. Kind of unrelated but has anyone ridden the tracks to sabattis or up to long lake from raquette? Planning a ride for next weekend and looking for ideas.

    1. the tracks were not bad at all.there was some slush on the middle of the lake.

  4. Wouldn't go, OF trails just getting back to Nml thanks to Free day got to love our Governor always thinking of what's best for others that don't live around here or are unwilling to pay. The lakes will be good the RR tracks big if never make that run on a weekend you'll need a chiropractor on Monday. I'd take my chances with the hell ride to Indian Lake the loop back thru long, Raquette,back to OF it's about 130 miles