Thursday, February 16, 2017

Better late than never..............

I was doing so good today and the next thing I knew it was 10pm and I hadn't posted yet.  So better late than never.  Everyone is reporting the same thing,  conditions are good and they are having a blast.  The guests that have been in all week, really don't want to leave in the morning.  But the town is all booked up so they have no choice but to go home.

Today's Video.........


  1. With all the talk lately about speed racers, Bar Hoppers, trail hogs most of this talk is just that talk trying to get a rise out of someone so they can check there post for a response it quantifies there existence, sure it goes on and no one in there right mind would condone it. That said ride safe stay right and use hand signals !

  2. I was up Monday and came back to PA yesterday. The absolute best riding I have seen in a long time. The roads got a little beat up but the trails and the tracks were awesome !! People are on the lakes but most people I talked to are staying off...who cares when the trails and tracks are that good. Confusion flats was as good as it can possible get. all the inners were just amazing !!! the hammerheads will destroy it all this weekend...oh well...I got my mid week fix...good for me !!! Mashed potatoes and gravy by next week and then better for the beginning of March. Last holiday week thank Christ !!

    1. I agree - Rode Sun PM to Wed PM and did about 480 miles because I got stuck working most mornings. It was the best I can remember in a long, long time. On Tuesday and Wednesday the Stoney Lake trail to Confusion Flats was MINT. Felt like being on a luge track or something in the tighter wooded areas.

  3. I love the you gotta go home! That is a great for the North Country, people are booked!

  4. Conditions are great guys some of the fastest riding ive been able to do in years not everything is whooped out like it usually is, a little spike in temperatures shouldnt hert us the roads might get beat up but i dont come to ride the streets cheers to some good riding to be had

  5. Saw the DD team guys racing down 4th lake this afternoon with skis in the air just dancing along on their tracks. Great speed out of those machines!