Thursday, March 24, 2016

Name change...........

Thunder in the Forge is held the beginning of June each year and this year is no different.  But the name of the event has changed and it is now called...........Bike & Brews Thunder In Old Forge

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  1. THUNDER IN THE FORGE is much better the new name is to long and has no ring to it

  2. Don't know who came up with that name, but they need to think again. I know that there is drinking and riding going on but it should not be in the name. THUNDER IN THE FORGE 2016 short and to the point

    1. And I thought you guys only complained about the weather and snow. I couldnt of been more wrong.

  3. TEAM DD wanted the name change. Drink to you drop boyz! Riding their Thundercats down main street! Taking over the FORGE!

  4. April 4th and we got the best base of the 2015 / 2016 season!

  5. This is ridiculous it seems to have snowed more in the last couple of weeks then it did the whole
    February and March haha