Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Did you think..............

Well the big snow that was in yesterdays forecast is already gone.  Did you think it was going to be any different than the way the rest of the winter went.  I did make a call, to find out what would happen if we got big snow.  The answer is in today's video and check out the video a follower of the blog sent me. 

Today's Video for.........

Pretty cool.......Thanks George!!  May just have to do this next year..........


  1. Next big question, when are you opening the pool?

  2. Gofundme blog post Id Love to see this... In the spirit of bringing money lost back to the area.. Someone is gonn Make an open water crossing come spring... Partial water rescue training as well for the local Fire departments. see the "Just Like" post

  3. Steve do the chopper ride. I did it the last time they where in town in winter and seeing the trails from that perspective was way different. Plus chopper ride was on my bucket list.

  4. Gotta wonder if Team DD will run off a few sleds this weekend to officially close out the dismal 15-16 season with the limited new snow cover? Maybe they will hit McCauley with a few trick rides up the slopes?

    1. DUDE.... give it a rest. TEAM DUMB DUMB is fake. I get a kick how you dopes are suckers.

    2. DD racing. name the time and place. I doubt Your bored out 800 can match Mine ... 4th lake ramp to the island.. Come on!! Speedwerx makes a much better product lets go head to head...