Monday, February 16, 2015

Not sure what..............

I can't tell what time the night riding group got back last night.  But I can tell you, they and many others didn't rush to get out on the trails this morning.  At 9am it was still 17 below and by noon we got up to 5 below.  Wind chill wise, we hit 38 below at one point in the last 24 hours.  The next few days look like they will be great riding days with the temps in the teens during the day. 

Today's Video............


  1. looks awesome !!! Coming up next week for a midweek ride...after that looks to get sketchy, warmer with Rain...I think the season is gonna end fast in about 2 to 3 weeks...great base and snow now but won't be able to survive sloppy weather...ride while you can...March is dicey !!!

    1. Dear anonymous, I take offense to your misinformation on the state of old forges March weather. Remember that I decide when the fat lady sings and that includes March too. Please keep your forecasting to yourself. Your friend God

    2. yes, yet another guy with a bogus posting. Warmer weather with rain? Funny thing the forcast only goes out 10 days and it is FREEZING!! -10 at night and 15 degrees or below that during the day. How is it going to rain when its 15 degrees out? And March is almost always a great time to ride with lots of snow. Weather is looking great. Looks like we will be riding til April 1st.

  2. I have been riding Old Forge on Presidents weekend for years, and I must say that this past weekend was the best that I have seen it in a long time. Trails were gromed to perfection. I was shocked to see the groomers out on trails that were already groomed which is much better then to let them get bad and then try and fix them. Thats how to keep the trails great! Thanks Old Forge