Sunday, March 9, 2014

Labor Day Weekend is behind us................

No I haven't lost it!  SnoFest weekend is the Labor Day weekend of the winter season.  It marks the end of the main snowmobile season, when people are visiting the area all week long.  After SnoFest things slow down, just like they do after Labor Day weekend.  People start thinking about summer activates and figure it's time to put the sleds away for the year.  But this year looks like we could have a few more weeks of riding in front of us.  So don't be in a rush to put that sled away just yet!

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  1. Hey Steve, don't trails in OF officially close on April 1st? Wasn't sure just wondering. I know my permit used to say April 15. Now it says the 1st.

    1. Yes that is correct. Years ago when we got snow up to our necks, the trails stayed open to the 15th of April. With the winters changing and most of the snow being gone by the beginning of April. The land agreements end the end of March now.