Thursday, February 20, 2014

Your guess is as good as anyones.............

I've given up looking at the forecast.  Best thing I can tell you to do, is look at the cams in the morning.  But I can tell you that everybody had a great day of riding today.  One guest, that checked out this morning and should of been on his way home.  Stuck around and went out riding with some other guests for the day.  He's on his way home now and he'll be lucky if he gets home by midnight.  I messed up in the video,  I said they went to Indian Lake and I should of said Long Lake.

Today's Video for.......................


  1. How about a quick update with positive news...I'm hoping to come up next week...please...and thanks ...

  2. Umm.... it poured. Had a friend send me a pic outside the Pine Tree, it looks like a lake. Check out the trail cams. This hurt bad.

  3. Looks like snow has started on matts drafthouse cam. that's a great webcam as you can actually see the snow falling via live stream....

    1. Yes but if you to see the "Big Picture" Try this one