Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nice week coming up............

This morning we saw the sun for a short time and then the clouds set in.  With the clouds, we have seen a light snow with them.  Not enough to measure, but it looks like we may have enough to measure in the morning.

Today's Video for............


  1. FYI>
    NY riders and fuel purchasers- $ave your fuel receipts when gassing up your snowmobiles,. The (your) clubs will use the receipts for applying for the road-use tax on fuel. Each club has a NYS form to use.

    Here is two here you can download and modify:

    1. Good link. The Barnstormers, at one time, had a jug next to the register in Fastrac. But I don't think they do any more.

    2. I bet I know why the don't bother anymore. We have 2 Fast Tracs on our trails on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. We placed a box at each one and collected close to 500 receipts one year. After going through all the paperwork and tossing all the improperly signed receipts we collected a whopping $25. Not to say that if you collect enough of them it could be worth it but for our club it was not and we dropped it.

    3. NYS loves that you do not know this.ANY one that operates ANY off road vehicle -ATV- and buys and uses it in NYS is entitled to the .08 tax rebate .Save the proof ...Might add up..A little time and a stamp pays for One steak dinner at The RedDog

      You do not need to eat the NY$ "road tax" on it and you are entitled to a refund. The link to the NYS form:>


    4. .08 wow that adds up. That's more of a hometown rebate "THANKS OBAMA" struggling to save 10-20 bucks over a season will make a huge difference!!!

  2. Yesi am a barnstormer i did get a letter about that but forgot about ot will try next trip.

  3. Besides a little ice in some corners, conditions were very good this weekend. Put 240 miles on in two days, The groomers are doing a fantastic job. Passed them working on all the trails. 1 & 5 were in very good shape considering the traffic on them. The inner trails are all excellent with very good snow cover. .....Thanks as always Steve for all you do helping us long distance travelers with your accurate and true reports, WE OWE YOU BIG TIME !