Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Looks like we'll be................

Lake effect has been in the area this afternoon and it's still coming.  How long will it last?  Can't say for sure,  by what I'm seeing, I think it will be heading north later on tonight.  At this point, there is no doubt the riding will be good this weekend and I think we'll be riding on SnoFest weekend also.

Today's Video for..............


  1. Yes Lake Ontario is 40% frozen. Getting some lake effect but VERY weak. Just not nearly enough to make alot of snow.
    Maybe next year we will see good snow. The lakes will be frozen until at least April so this year is shot.

  2. where are the groomers? all the in town trails haven't been touched all week. like always after Washington's birthday. junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Out grooming...saw two of them last night when I was out riding.

  3. I dont know how anyone can say "this year is shot", theres snow on the ground, go ride and stop complaining

  4. I left town on Tuesday and the trails were almost perfect. They groomed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Trail to Thendara was not groomed either Sunday or Monday, but by Tuesday it was perfect. I just wish they had done the trail to Big Moose Inn. Trail 10 was a little bumpy. All in all it was nice riding. Wish I could be up this weekend.

  5. I don't know an idiot can say the lake effect is very weak. Phoenix, NY got 2 1/2 feet over this past week. Don't be ignorant all of your life.