Sunday, February 16, 2014

Late start............

Yesterday morning everyone hit the trails early.  This morning was just the opposite, most guests got a late start.  But once they left I didn't see them for the rest of the day.  The cold temps over night and today really helped this weekends trail conditions. Dave's back for the week and I'll be sending the cam out with him in the morning.

Today's Video for...................


  1. just got home after riding this holiday weekend and i must say the conditions were great. Saw the groomers out Friday night Saturday and first thing Sunday morning (7:00 am) . Put on over 140 miles with my wife and 6 yr old daughter. Traffic was around but not tooo busy and everyone stayed right. Great weekend all around.

  2. I miss those days of riding my kid on the front and familys on this weekend have fun and be safe.

  3. Just another example of the OF really making an effort to make the riding most enjoyable. Years ago, they purposefully didn't groom on weekends or holidays with the idea that rougher trails would slow the speeds down.