Monday, February 24, 2014

Got Cold.................

The cold temps have returned and it's really noticeable today, with the wind whipping around.  I don't think you'll find anymore wet spots out there now.  Saw two groomers changing shifts on the rec. center cam this afternoon.  Calling for snow on and off all week, no big numbers as of now, but that doesn't mean it can't happen.

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  1. Thanks again Steve for the optimistic and correct weekly outlook. As to answer everyone's question and complaining [here and on other NY forums] - snow totals are simply down this year due to the fact that it has been too cold - a large percentage of the great lakes are frozen over from the polar vortex this winter which has pretty much disabled the lake effect machine.

    - Jimmy Walnuts

    1. We all know about the frozen great lakes. This was discussed weeks ago. Besides, Tug Hill has plenty of snow. Had it all year. There has been enough snow in OF also. Rain several times and killed the snow.
      You should watch the weather more often.

  2. NJ got all the snow. I wish you guys got it all. The snow plow guys made a fortune down here. March will be good riding in Old Forge. I hope I can go...

  3. We all made killing down here plowing but lost are season because when snows we cant go.