Thursday, February 13, 2014

Getting even better...............

Headed over to The Pine Tree last night for something to eat.  Over all the trails where in good shape and we put on 91 miles.  Hilly and narrow areas on upper one aren't anything to talk about.  But the rest of the ride more than made up for the few bad areas we did come across.  Passed the groomers on the main Brantingham trail on the way back.  Forecast was just updated for us and if we get what is predicted, fun will be had by all visiting the area this weekend.

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  1. I have had similar experiences in the same area multiple times with poor grooming,and honestly on a Wednesday ahead of whats to be the biggest week/weekend of the year,with the conditions as they've been recently why would any trail not be in good/excellent condition.Like a flashback,ill tell u I ended a 175 mile loop coming back thru that area in what had to b 10 miserable miles of 1 to 2 footers,and I haven't been back to that area since. who maintains those trails between Stillwater and the pine tree anyway maybe they need a heads up. Sorry to bi%$h but needed to b said, the OF to boonv to lowv to sw and back is a rip and one consistently poor area hurts . STEVE THANK U FOR ALL UR EXCELLENT WORK AS ALWAYS. C U THIS WEEKEND.

  2. No one ever promise you everything would be perfect
    Quite your winning and be thankful they are what they are
    Riding back in the ‘90 and early 2000’s before all the new grooming was a treat
    Stay Right be Safe and don’t cry too much LOL

  3. Steve hope u had the cole slaw at the pine tree. As the grooming it is what is.they do the best can.