Tuesday, February 11, 2014

From all parts............

I was talking with one of the guests this evening and discovered something that I hadn't even thought about.  This week at Christy's, we have guests visiting the area from all over the states.  Two rooms from NC, one from SC, two rooms from FL and the distance winner goes to AZ and they all are here to enjoy the snow.
Last nights ride we headed up to Raquette Lake again, for pasta night at the Tap Room. Only ate about half of it and brought the other half home.

 Today's Video for..................


  1. I am sure the people from the south stay to right a respect the trails have fun yaaaaalllll.

  2. Hey Steve! You gave a shout out to the folks along the coast. We're a bit farther inland here in Harrisburg, and I'm sitting here wishing I owned a sled! We've had close to 40" this season (almost 3x our normal!) and looking at 8-15" depending on where the storm tracks.

    Have spent several Valentine's Day weekends vacationing in the Old Forge area, but have never rented sleds. Maybe someday! I enjoy your updates and vlogs, since I can't be there to ride!

    Have a great rest of the season!

  3. wow take a look at southshore on oldforgesnow.com glad I don't own the red dog! just in time for Washington.s birthday. steve a bet you would see sparks on that road! unless you had rubber runners!!!!!!

  4. yeah its cold and the trails are pretty dam good since no ones coming up here anymore due to the conditions Who grooms MRP? volunteers right?? cause never had smooth trails on the MRP unless the vollys were out and they get notithing in return.. what a shame... maybe forge should extend some of that permit money to areas that are groomed by vollys?? just a thought (IP scrambled)

    1. Maybe you should do your homework before you post. Because Inlet, which is part of the "permit money", grooms MRP past the Big T. Clubs or vollys as you call them, get money from the state snowmobile fund for grooming.

  5. worst thing u did was succumb to the outsiders that complain about the complainers HTML deleted don't try stop with the screening