Friday, February 28, 2014

Another cold one.............

We dropped to 13 below this morning and the high was 8.  We had lake effect yesterday and I think it helped smooth out the lakes from last weekend.  Not much else to report besides, if you aren't riding you're missing out.  Sorry about the audio feed back in the video.

Today's Video for..................


  1. We rode some of 4th lake today I do not know witch was better the lake or trail #5 Went to Racquett lake still pretty rough. 120 miles still good riding. Heading to Tug Hill tomorrow.

  2. The lakes were bad this weekend.trail 5 4 foot woops as always.

  3. Anyone know what happened to the person that hit the tree on trail ten saturday night.

    1. not sure but sled was there during late afternoon sat. must have go a little air of the top of that hill and got loose and went off. Lakes were rough but stillwater was fine. some icy corners but trails were great.