Friday, February 14, 2014

A little short............

Well we didn't see as much snow as was predicted, go figure.  I'd say we got about 5 inches.  What the heck is with this?  Everyone who could care less if they get snow gets it and we look for it and don't.  Not much else to report.  Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

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  1. Used to be an OF die hard but Tug Hill has your number. The trails during the week were just as good as the TOW's. The only thing that's better about the Adirondacks are all the lakes. Might be the last year for my yearly OF pass. Haven't used it once this year. I don't know why you guys don't get the snow you used to.

  2. 2 words
    Lake. Effect .

    Some of that doesn't reach as far NW into Herkimer Cty.
    And Look at Buffalo ..lowest Jan SF total in a long time...Lake Erie is 90 % frozen has to do with that..With out a (strong) robust pattern of eastward storms off the warm unfrozen Ontario ....the area depends on Fickle Nor'easters . After coming weeks (40+deg) warmup ..look for the Ontario LE machine to bring big numbers till end of march.The Hill will get more love and ..OF will see a ++ change.

    I cant ride (this year) due to Spinal fusion recovery..but $ for $ and fun quotient ..Ill keep TOW as preferred middle age therapy. Tug has become what "certain" people want..and can enjoy..while we can Just Imagine the when (not If) the rails are sold as scrap and Tupper Lake will be a days ride from Trail 1.

  3. Click on the URL and check out the GLakes Ice cover.

    Lake Ontario’s depth and the churning caused by Niagara Falls mean that it needs long stretches of exceptionally cold weather to freeze. It had ice cover of just over 40% Thursday. Other lakes are almost completely covered: Superior, 93.6%; Huron, 95%, and Erie, 95.7%. Michigan was at 81%.

    In November you could look back and think >
    "Watch out for what you Wish For"

  4. I would disagree with you on the comment about buffalo I live just north of buffalo we have had more snow this year than in 3 yrs. But yes the lake is froze and not alot of lake effect now.

  5. I remember back in the 70's and 80's how the lake effect use to hit OF almost everyday. It use to stay cold too, enough to keep an ice sculpture all winter at the pond. As for Tug Hill, nobody has ever been able to compete with their snow. They have the ideal location. I haven't been through their in a few years, but everytime I ever went there, the trails were so rough. How anyone could ride them daily is beyond me. Only advantage to Tug Hill is a much larger area to ride. We use to leave OF, head out to Boonville then up to Barnes Corner for lunch. Or head out to Brantingham by way of Lowville, when you were allowed on Moose River Rd., then pick up TH's trails. Ahhh the good old days. It's just a shame that the daily lake effect doesn't reach all the way across anymore.

  6. Does it really matter.? All I look to do is get away from the daily grind and relax. The Adirondacks provides that, weather in Old Forge, Tug Hill or wherever. We all frequent this site because of our love for snowmobiling. NJsnonut is right, Old Forge provides a nice, relaxed setting, where Tug Hill can provide some great, all out, hard riding. Middle aged, I prefer the Old Forge style... Enjoy it while we have it!

  7. I remember years ago too! always got 2 to 3 inches a night roads were almost always great. trails little bumpy because they used roller and a cutting edge in the front . but still a lot of fun! now all we get up here is sand every night! moved my sleds up to Booneville this year best thing I ever did! seems like every year more and more roads are being sanded out too keep you in the trails! again not picking or bashing anybody!

  8. Instead of snowmobiling, I'm shoveling 3' of snow off my roof in NE Jersey. The snow banks are crazy.

    1. I had one of the other motels in town call me that they had a room open. The reason being one of their guests had to go home, because the roof on their house caved in. Most times our snow is light in weight. But the stuff the east coast just got, is nothing but trouble waiting to happen. Be careful shoveling! I've shoveled a few over the years and here's a little lesson in roof shoveling 101. Always shovel that the pile of snow is below you. So if or when you fall off the roof you land in it.