Sunday, December 29, 2013

Well it started.........

At 2pm the temp was 37 and R started to come down.  By 2:30pm the temp has dropped to 34 degrees, so let's hope it keeps dropping and the R turns to snow soon. The forecast is calling for it to turn back to snow later on.   Cross your fingers it doesn't do to much damage before it does.  Because we really can't afford to much more of a melt down.  What else can I tell you besides we need snow, but I think most of you already knew that.

At 4:20pm the temp is 32 and the R has changed to wet snow.

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  1. It must not be too bad. There are about 50 sleds at Stillwater right now.

    1. Yea there are a lot of sleds out it looks like this weekend should be good if we get the predicted snow at the end of the week because from everything I'm hearing they have a decent base for the most part but it's icy and scratchy in some areas a foot or foot and a half and we'll be in business

    2. Just because there are sleds out does NOT mean its not too bad. Means nothing.

    3. TO 4;15 your a Debbie downer

    4. I'm just saying from everything I've seen and heard it doesn't sound like it's all that bad and with some snow it will be awesome because there already is a decent base also seeing all the sleds at stillwater doesn't go against things not being to bad I doubt that many people are going to go out and wreck there stuff but I could be wrong

    5. to 5:45, you are in denial.

    6. Guys dont so called "wreck" there stuff because there is very little snow. Guys wreck there stuff when there are huge holes. Cant get holes if there is just a small amount of snow.