Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Old Forge, NY Trail Report 3-7-12

First thing I'd like to do is Thank Everyone for following the blog and my reports. I'd also like to say Thanks for all the posts and emails, thanking me for doing it. I have fun doing them and I know what it's like to make that drive and be disappointed when I got here. Thanks Again!

I went out riding last night and we put on a easy 50 miles in no time. Not that it really matters at this point, but I'd give the trails a good to fair last night. As I'm writing it's in the 50's, the sun is out in it's full glory and things are getting soft. Is it over for the season? Your guess is good as any ones. But I wouldn't rule out at least one more good blast of winter before it's all said and done. Don't forget SnoFest is this weekend. Come see the 2013 sleds and the X Game Jumpers.

Here's Today's Video for......


  1. Steve, thanks a million for all you do. Your blog and videos keep me sane during the days I'm waiting to go riding. My wife and I love Old Forge for the sledding but love it more for the people. We have met so many nice people there the last few years. Your reports are always spot on. Coming from Central Jeresy, your reports eased our minds every time up. Thanks again and we are coming up this weekend no matter what and hopefully ride.

  2. Hey Steve:

    Looks like puddle city is here to stay.

    Rose and I really appreciate all you do for us. Would never come to OF if it was not for you. Christy's is the place to stay in OF. Stabilizer is in the tank, Covers are on and they're shut down til next year. SB signing off.......Peace

  3. Hey Steve do u think there will be snow on the trails for snofest this weekend I'm coming up fri morning to try an get a ride

  4. hope the sled riders at the motel are not gonna complain about the non grooming at 52 degrees. we can all hope to be talking about cold and snow next winter on this blog instead of casy,pinky and non grooming at 42 degrees. after 26 years of riding old forge it still gets the blood flowing. like sb said,put some drink in the gas and put them to sleep and hope to wake them up a helluva lot more next winter.thanks for the videos and blog steve,and i still would love to hear the bussiness owner di take on the things he said he would touch on.

  5. STEVE, Thank You for the great job you are doing and have done in the past. The town is lucky to have you, hope they do a little for you from time to time. Anyway keep up the good work and will be looking at the cams this summer. BE SAFE

  6. Steve, I know I have pushed the limits with some posts over the past few months, but I wanted to let you know that I never said anything malicious or derogatory. Well....maybe when Chester Detto set a trap, I got a little mad, but it was all in good fun. Old Forge is a wonderful place, and IMO one of the best places in the entire world. With the lack of snow, we got a little carried away joking about Shotgun Dan, and Pinky Doo, and office fever will do that. Your site kept everyone at my office entertained, and now people who have never even heard of the Adirondacks are curious. You have done an incredible job, and you are an asset to the Town of Webb community. I like how you can be upbeat on some of the most dismal days, and your attitude alone should be an inspiration to all of us....not just about snowmobiling, but life in general. Keep up the good work, and again, I apologize for trying to get some laughs out of the blog when conditions were in the gutter. Hopefully next year, we will be sharing more trail info!

    1. well said. That shot gun Dan was very funny. Gave me a good laugh for a week. We all got carried away, but it was all in good fun. Have a great summer.
      Dave from LI

  7. LAST BAD WINTER WAS 2001 (?)

    We should be good to go for another decade!

    Think snow!

    have a great summer ya'll

  8. Pick up a discount for next year'$ permit.. and ride free until the end of the month.