Saturday, March 5, 2011

3-5-2011 Old Forge Trail Report

The two guys returned late last night.  The plan was to do an overnight and they packed enough things to do so.  But they where having to much fun and decieded to explore more.  They also had some sled problems and had that to deal with along the way.  This all ended well thank goodness! 

Looks like we are in for another round of crazy weather the next few days.  With R today and back to winter tomorrow.  If we get what they are forecasting we will be back in good shape by Monday morning.

Here's todays video..............


  1. how do i get to those powerlines?do i take rr tracks north...and how far?

  2. Steve,
    What a wonderful person you are. Glad to hear the guys made it back safe and sound.

  3. Anyone know how fourth lake held up with the warm up?

  4. Woo wish i had some extra cash to come after this storm and get a few more days of riding this season. Cus the fat lady is gonna sing real soon!

  5. What a roller coaster ride. Mr Winter is back...

  6. Came up and rode Friday and Saturday. Saturday it was raining at the cross country races and was hoping it would snow and it looks like Old Man Winter is coming back and isn't quitting yet.

    Heading up Weds night till Saturday.

    Lakeside, CT &
    Inlet, NY

  7. To get to the powelines you take the railroad tracks north past Norridgwack, past tupper lake, to Lake Clear (Charles Inn- great food and beverages, cool place). Then from Lake Clear you continue straight and you will pick up the power line trail. The RR tracks from Lake Clear continue to Saranac Lake and Lake Placid. Once in Placid you can not go any farther because Lake Placid does not allow snowmobiles on any streets or anything. Big DEAD END...Trip from Old Forge to Malone which is where we stop on the power lines trail was about 240miles round trip. From Old Forge to Lake Clear was about 80 miles. Great riding if the tracks are smooth. On the way back the tracks got bumpy from HorseShoe Lake (Sabattis) to Big Moose Station. Stutter bumps suck.

    Lodi, NJ