Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3-1-2011 Old Forge Report

The warm up is over for now and we are back to winter. The R really didn't hurt the base to much and by around 9pm last night the parking lot was freezing back up. We got a dusting when the cold front went through last night and it looks like snow for tommorrow. Don't throw the towel in just yet as there is still lots of trail riding to be had this season.

Here's todays video............


  1. Just got back from another great weekend (3rd) in a row,Steve ur blog,vidio site is by far the best to date PLEASE keep up the good work.Also want 2 thank Jack L one of the best/ most honest mechanics in OF, the guys at the tavern,Paul/Shannon,also Marian/Joe up at stillwater,Hay Marian i'll help you out bartending anytime!!!!PS hope the hand gets better soon.Well i have 1 or 2 weekends left in me hope 2 see u all soon. LET IT SNOW LATER

  2. I'm coming up on Thursday night for two days of riding on Friday and Saturday. Hope the trails are good, can't wait to ride again.


  3. Steve can you give U's an update on the roads in and around town. Thanks.

  4. Listen to Steve in the video...he gives you a road update.