Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Enjoy looking at it for now..............

By what I'm seeing I don't think this snow is going to be around much longer. Temps above freezing next seven days and it looks like it should be a slow melt down. Many places around us don't need to see any large amounts of water after the flooding last month.

Today's Video...……


  1. Thanks Steve. Glad to see some white gold on the ground this early.

  2. White gold, are you kidding me! ThIs stuff will be gone within two days and will be back to Green grass

  3. TEAM DD Riots are in and ready to rumble! Looking for 5000 miles this season. How bout that Paisteboy?

  4. Steve,
    You must be away for the holiday. The Point Park camera is frozen since Tuesday-Nov 19,2019-09:45 AM.

    1. I'm having an connection problem with that system. Worked on it yesterday and hoping to have it back up today if all goes well.