Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Not what they called for.............

Well we didn't see the foot plus that was called for.  We did see 6 to 7 inches of a snow/sleet mix.  Which would be equal to about a foot and a half  of lake effect if not more.  Because the stuff we got was very heavy and will pack/freeze down very nice.  We have had lake effect all night and have picked up another 2 to 3 from it.  So everything is coming together for the upcoming holiday weekend.  Hope you have some plans to enjoy our winter wonderland.

Today's Video...……….


  1. Was out riding all day today Thursday. Pick trail for today was..... ANY TRAIL! All were fantastic. Trails 1 thru 10, trail to Atwell too. All trails either groomed or fresh powder and hardly touched.:-)

  2. you can get there by using a trackside blazers trail that you get in otter lake off trail 6/tracks.