Monday, February 25, 2019

It's Old Forge...........

All you have to do is have faith that it will turn around and most times it does.  Sunday morning it didn't look all that nice out front and by Monday morning you wouldn't even know a warm up happened.  So for those that showed up on Sunday, with faith of having an Old Forge turn around for Monday, are going to have a fun day of riding, with the trails all to them self.

Today's Video...……..

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  1. Had a Great weekend Vintage Ride In , Fire on ICE fireworks ton of seat time Inlet trails were empty and fantastic only hiccup east end of 7th open water 30 ft or so you'll need to sit back and stay on the throttle don't try it unless your confident in your skill level all-n-all fun times Sorry Dave not over yet.

    Be Safe Keep Right