Monday, February 4, 2019

Got longer.................

The warm up was only to be a few days long.  But now they are saying it is going to be longer.  How we far it is going to be the thousand dollar question of the week.  I'm hoping we don't see any or very little R over the warm up.  Because two or three days of warmth, may not do as much damage as last weeks R and we bounced right back after that.

Today's Video...………..


  1. Big trucks rolling into town, looks like they’re setting up the stage in the fast track parking lot. Just a matter of time before the fat lady comes out!

  2. Took a ride Sunday conditions were pretty good a little greasy but all-n-all not bad heard some disturbing news from the neighbour- He said single rider went off trail got stuck, walked back onto the trail first sled missed him second hit him , they called 911 and left him there to which he later died. Is this True !!!
    Ride Safe Keep Right

    1. I do not know the facts on how this sad event happened. But I would think it will be in the next paper with what really did happened.

    2. OLD FORGE, NY — On Friday, Feb. 1, 2019, at approximately 9:09 p.m., State Police responded to Snowmobile Trail C7 in the town of Webb for a personal injury snowmobile accident with an unresponsive male.
      Preliminary investigation has determined, Frank M. Prendergast, age 56, from Stony Point, NY was traveling north on a 2012 Ski-Doo 800 snowmobile, when for an unknown reason exited the trail to the east becoming stuck in the snow. Prendergast then got off the snowmobile and entered trail C7, troopers said.
      A second rider in the group observed Prendergast in the trail and took evasive action to avoid hitting him. The third rider in the group attempted to take evasive action but was unsuccessful and struck Prendergast, troopers said. The riders immediately contacted 911 for medical assistance.
      Mr. Prendergast was deceased at the scene.
      An autopsy will be conducted at Albany Medical Center to determine an official cause of death.
      The investigation is continuing.

  3. Give it a rest Dave mister repeat what's ever on the news , You got your ride in for the year and now it's time to start your crap you do it every year .he-he. everyone's got your number. Just to be clear more snow falls in FEB-March than the entire season go look it up so although you won't be riding (Thank-god) the rest of us will. As for the Snofest that's in March as for the end of the season Going out on a limb here and say.... It comes to a end April 1st that's when it's over for the rest of us.

  4. Love the night ride down the trail ! Always enjoyed that (O: