Sunday, October 21, 2018

It's Coming............

We have a few flurries in the air this morning and you can see on the radar lake effect is firing up south of the lake.  Won't be long and the smell of two stroke will be in the air.


  1. My first post of the season. lets have great season hope alls well steve.thanks for all u do.

  2. question .. when does the old forge trail system officially open ? and is trail 6 all the way down by moose river in forestport considered old forge trail system too ? thanks

    1. The trails open Monday the 3rd this year. Old Forge trail 6 ends at the McKeever bridge about 12 miles south of Old Forge.

  3. Steve,
    We have always joined clubs local for our NYSSA permit putting money back so to speak,We got to talking and someone said "why" they actually said "why" we never ride here anymore ever. So we are joining up your way where we do ride would you mind posting local clubs names this way someone else may feel the same as we do
    Thank from (518)

  4. Hi 518,

    I just changed the webcam to "The Snow Cam" and on that page, just above the picture are links to the local area clubs. You will also find links for NY Reg. and Old Forge trail permit. Hope this help.