Saturday, March 24, 2018

No regrets..........

This is weekend three for the month, will there be a fourth?  I'm guessing the odds are very slim that there will be, with the warms temps predicted mid week.  But there is some snow in the forecast for next weekend.  Who knows maybe it'll be enough to pull off another one.  The people that did head north this weekend don't have any regrets, as fun was had by all.

Today's Video............


  1. Pike Bros racing back for one last weekend. Amazing ride yesterday. Who treed their sled off 1? Daikers rocks.

  2. Steve, thanks again! Great season!!

  3. Just got home from up north in old forge it looks like the riding has come to the end the trails look like there in bad shape but we really can't complain it was a pretty good year for all you snowmobilers I think we should all thank Steve for doing a great job with all of his trail reports its a lot of work besides running his motel good job Steve have a great summer