Thursday, March 22, 2018

Last Chance...............

If you have any thoughts of getting in that last ride of the season.  This weekend is going to be your last chance by what I'm seeing.   Trail 5 near Daikers and the roads are toast, but the rest of the system is the best I've seen it this late in the season in years.  Had guests return from an afternoon of riding and they told me the groomers are out doing their magic.  Local forecast is calling for light snow on Friday.  May not be much, but anything to keep the sun away is a plus.

Today's Video............


  1. Just got back last night road Wed, Thurs getting to the trails is thinning out Fast! What's left won't be there long! But once on the trail they are Fantastic best I've seen in a long time especially the inner trails OF to Pine Tree 1hr through confusion flats . Got to say the best last ride we ever had in as long as I can remember. Best get there early Just like the Shamrock Shake 'Only here for a Limited Time"
    Ride Safe keep Right

  2. 77 miles today so far by your TEAM DD gang and gals. MRPs ok but some bare spots. Inlet loops are holding for now. This is it, rain and warm next week.

  3. Once again Team DD can't back up his statement
    No pictures and yet there are a lot of folks out there that can take one or more pictures of him (and his team)
    Still no reply from him to my offer to met him take pics and have news media there also

  4. Anonymous 8:47 come on team DD is absolute made up fantasy garbage you know that, don't even waste your time even responding to it.. It is some kid in his parents basement writing it lol... I just want to know where Dave is now??? March 23, and we still having very good riding (especially given this late in the season) no questioning that.. And so because nothing negative to say he then of course has NOTHING to say...

    1. Don't give Doubting Dave a hard time he more of a Captain Obvious guy but means well the DD thing I used to call him out but it's useless he'll just post something so obscure it's laughable , Hope the last run goes well and safe for the one's lucky enough to get it in. This years done for me hope everyone has a good summer only 26 weeks till Fall !!!

  5. Trails were fantastic on Thursday and Friday. And I thought it was all over. Boy was I wrong. I'm done for the season, just want to thank steve for all you do and to all of my buddies on here have a great summer. Heading to killington for the spring break, time to spend time with the kids.

  6. 110 miles saturday 24th old forge to brantingham. Sweet ride. Perkins clearing Sunday was excellent. Thanks to the groomers! 1700 miles this season!