Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Is today the last?

There was a few people out riding today and they may have enjoyed the last of the season.  The night time low temps have helped slowed the melt down.  But as I'm typing, there is R coming from the sky and more to follow.  So unless we see a good coating of new snow.  It could be the time to put a fork in it.

Today's Video.........


  1. Looks like thats it boys rainy and soggy next few days looks like some good April riding if any of you sneak out

  2. I think you can call it this year Steve,

    So what did we learn this year!

    10. Early Season riding can make all the difference on mileage totals.

    9. Trail 5 below Daikers is almost never good. "Ride Dirty the say" In Russia they have Orange snow here we have Brown.

    8.There were less serious accidents this year still (1) is too many.

    7.Dave got pretty beat up this year on his posts but in the end caved to the pressure and realised No one can predict the weather.

    6. Steve does a great job keeping everyone informed (Big Thanks !!)

    5. Thursday's they were like a prom date hopping to get lucky and only to be crushed with disappointment.

    4. St. Patrick's Day in now the Official end of the season Holiday (If you get a chance go the the Parade it's a lot of Fun)

    3. Old Forge grooming department Thank You, Riding bumps is never fun you guys are what makes this place great.

    2. Free Weekends right the Slurry Machine please make it stop.

    1. Everyone knows Team DD is a fake but team DD

    Have A Great Summer !!!
    Ride Safe keep Right

  3. Thank You Steve for all the videos and posts

    TO Anonymous 7:24 AM
    "1. Everyone knows Team DD is a fake but team"
    I've been posting about the FAKE "TEAM DD" almost each time he posts
    Must be in Love with himself and has no friends LOL
    I'll still be here looking at this site almost every day

  4. An urgent message just received from Team DD to all you snot whiners.....get bent!

  5. When you ask around Team DD....Bartenders, etc say its just one middle aged crackpot.

  6. I think team DD is really Steve having some fun....

  7. I think they are the Daiker boys fooling around. (Devon Daiker)

  8. Still some riding to be had knocked off 60 today

  9. The gates are officially closed on another odd season