Sunday, March 19, 2017

It may look pretty..........

We haven't seen overcast skies in a few days and it may look pretty, but the sun hasn't been doing us any favors.  Night time lows have been freezing things back down, but you can only have so many days of this before things start going down high fast.  Either way, it looks like the end will be coming again, by the end of the week.  So if you have any thoughts of getting in that last ride, do it soon.  It isn't great, but you can still get in some seat time.

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  1. We came up this weekend and the riding was pretty good on Saturday.Tamarack cafe in Inlet for breakfast and rode over to the pine tree for lunch. Groomers out Sunday morning and clipped off another 60 quick miles. Not a lot of people but there were some big groups riding. Thanks to the snow gods for 1 last ride since we (and everyone else) got boned on presidents week. See you all next year. Thanks to you to Steve for giving all the updates through the season. R.H. Victor, N.Y.

  2. Great St Patrick's weekend was had for those who chose to partake,the trails were great for "Spring Conditions" did see some fools riding 4th lake It's true what the late great John Wayne said "You Can't Fix Stupid" Our annual season's end pilgrimage to Pete's Peak had a fitting end saw a few Bald Eagles flying around. Hope everyone has a great summer , Thanks Steve for your effort.
    Any season that both skis stay pointed in the same direction is a good one! 16-17 is in the record book .
    Be Safe Keep Right!

    1. Dude what are you talking about with calling people fools for a 4th lake crossing?? You must be some spring chicken with a big belly to not know the physics of lakes and crossings on the chain lakes. We rode our 5 and 700 hundred old late 80 Cats and machs across the channel on the open channel for fun while parking on the beach in between runs ovr and over all afternoon. And that's withhalf inch paddles and heavy sleds compared to todays aluminum frames that are so much heavier. If U know where I'm talking about its like a 50 to 200 foot open water channel. we rode across over and over. I actually have many photos from over the years doing that in with groups in Tshirts and also over off 4th lake boat ramp. The lakes aren't bad. You just need to know what yojur doing and where you are . Trying coming up in the summertime and youll see the different flows..

    2. I know full well about water crossing and it's got nothing to do with weight by the way,and we're not talking T shirts girls on the back of the sled and playing around going across known open water. The term "known" open water is the big problem here, this year no one should be playing around this late in the season on "This" Years Ice it never froze right. But you know better and I'm glad for you being an expert and all. Being Stupid when clearly you're not is just stupid. ask yourself would you send your son or daughter out on "This" years ice ?

  3. How many sleds or incidents were there on the lakes that involved a need for help on TOW trail system/Stillwater/raquet/beaver river?? Wondering due to th above post. I mean with the all powerful sleds of tday its easy to do a water crossing even with the extra weight of a four stroke motor (for those that don't know that's not 4 pistons). Many complain of the power of tdays sleds but honestly kin my experience your not gonna fall thru at a high rate of speed. Come one come all, its a good topic.. So anon above how foolish is it when temps have been steady with lows overnights and even during the day. ICE doesn't melt that quick My FRIEND!! Any fisherman on here as well?? U do realize U only need some 4 inches of ice for a sled and that's standing weight FELLA