Monday, January 18, 2016

Two things.........

One, Fastrac has a sign up that they won't be selling gas on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  It looks like they are unloading new pumps today.

The second things I keep forgetting to pass on is the pizza discount they have going.  For every pizza you buy you get 25 cents off per gallon of gas (up to 20 gals.) and it can be for more than one pizza. (not sure on the limit of pizzas) All you need to do is ask for your receipt and us it within a week of purchase.  They are also offering a cash discount of  7 cents during the week and 10 cents on Sunday.  Ask inside how to get the discount card.  Not allot, but a family of four sleds it could add up.


  1. Hey Steve:

    There seems to be alot of crap floating around on facebook how bad it is up there...I for one do not fall for that crap. If you have a chance can you give your take on the conditions for this week. A bunch of us were looking to come up Wednesday to Saturday. As long as we can get around and the roads are rideable we will make the trip...Thanks !!

  2. Wow 5 hrs away.. I am up here now there is some good riding .. Groomers are doing a great job. Don't know so much about tug hill but what I herd they closed down many trails.. Trail 1-3-8 and many other trails in old forge are OK. Trail 5 is what it is.. U might need a pare of carbides by the end of trip. Ride safe..

    1. in other words, trails are destroyed.