Thursday, January 21, 2016

A good sign...........

Like most days, just about everyone was out of here by 10am for a day of riding and the first ones didn't start returning till around 4pm.  So that's usually a good sign, that things aren't all that bad out there or they would of started coming back in sooner.  I'm heading out for a ride in a few.  So I'll be able to tell you better how things are later.

Ride Update:  Went over to Pine Tree.  Found Old Forge trails in good shape and saw two groomers on the return trip.  We made the right off of ten mile road in to the Flats.  The first mile or two aren't anything to talk about.  But the rest of the Flats made up for it.  Took ten mile on the return, the beginning is ice/hard pack with enough snow to keep the slides cool.  Only felt them try to stick a few times.  The rest of it was in good shape.  Do watch out for some of the corners, as they are ice.  I'll fill you in more about the rest of the ride later.  Let's just say it reminded me of the old days.

Today's Video............


  1. Hey Steve - Is Fastrac the only place to buy gas in town this year? Last season the place next to the Knotty Pine was still open.

  2. Glad you had a good ride! Wish you were getting the snow that we are expected to get here in PA.!! They don't want it or even know what to do with it!! Will be snowed in for days! Lol

  3. Am I seeing tracks on Stillwater lake if so, is it safe enough for heavy traffic?

    1. if the reservoir is marked to the nordwick then it's safe.

  4. I was at Stillwater last night they are putting the pine trees out there today

  5. You tell them DAVE