Monday, September 28, 2015

It won't be long............

Most areas are still seeing green leaves and just starting to see some cooler weather.  But here in the north country, we are well into fall and I'd say our leaves are about 50% changed at this time.  So it won't be long and the white stuff will be knocking at the door.

A local company called Adirondack Mountain Productions put together this video to highlight how beautiful fall is in the area.  Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Only thing better is SNOW cover! Like Steve says it won't be long!!

  2. Big storm coming for snodeo. It will be one to remember!!

  3. Somethin' been bugging me. For years, I have been visiting the page for the daily updates.I see that the poor girl in the upper photo is still riding around with duct tape holding her Polaris windshield together. Please Steve, can I send you some money and let's get her fixed up right? [ If you couldn't tell, snow can't be here quick enough for me!]

    1. To funny! I never noticed the windsheild on that sled till you brought it up. Now I'm going to see it everytime I look at that page. Did you see the hiding sled in that picture?

  4. Nope never noticed it 'til you pointed it out. Now I go nuts 'til I figure out what it is exactly....... Guess we are even. Wishing everyone a good season.

  5. Wow! Beautiful..."See ya in two months! I have colored duct tape we can have that sled fixed up really nice!

  6. Is the hidden sled under the porch?

  7. Hi, Steve,
    Just checked in to see how things are going. Glad to see there has been some snow. We are all registered and have permits; ready to head north when you say so. Love your posts and the outstanding work you do for all of us. The "Love This Town" video was wonderful.
    Look forward to seeing you soon. Jenny and Fred Keiper