Thursday, April 23, 2015

The season has started...........

I was enjoying the warmth, but it's gone for now!

Today's Video.........


  1. Do you mind if I share your video on my blog? This will make for a great story.


  2. Crazy weather all over the place. In Dallas yesterday (Friday) we were enjoying severe thunderstorms and tornado watches all day. As for the drought of the past few years? We've had so much rain this spring that all of the lakes supplying DFW are back to nearly or completely full capacity. Love your videos Steve - keep sharing!

  3. Hi, Im ready to come up and put my tootsies in the water this summer. I want to swim and have fun at the lake. YAY, can't wait for sum sum summertime everyone! Gonna load up my station wagon and ride in style!

  4. Hows the weather? Swell here. Hope everyone has a nice day, TT.