Monday, April 7, 2014

Last day of the season..............

The warm up has started and the snow pack has been melting away at a nice slow pace.  You couldn't ask for a better melt down than what we have been having so far.  Because with the frost line being deep this year, a fast melt down would mean flooded basements in our area and flooding down below us.

Today's Video for.........................


  1. Amazing Season.... Riding Across 4th lake in April in Conditions better then Ive Rode in Feb or Jan for many Seasons 4644 Miles on my New used 2014 Sled... Going to see Doug for a 2015 after that amount of use..

    Glad everybody from the riders to the Business's had a long great season

  2. Time for the "Mud Cam" Steve. :(

    1. You are correct....Thanks for the reminder. I've been working on getting things in place for the up coming seasons and forgot all about changing it.