Thursday, February 24, 2011

2-24-2011 Old Forge Trail Report

One of the guests had a mishap on the lake today. After last weeks short warm up the lakes are shifting and she went off the side of an ice heave that was the jump side and didn't have a very good end result. But thank goodness she didn't hit it in the other direction as it could on been worse......a solid wall of ice. The sled doesn't look all that great and she is lucky she wasn't hurt more than being stiff.

Here's todays video........


  1. Hello,
    I could use some guidance on this matter. I believe years ago I was told you needed to cross route 28 in Old Forge on a diaganal going from point A to point B. I recently was pulled over for doing that and was told I must cross at a 90 degree angle or straight on. Is there or was there ever any documents stating a diagonal crossing was legal or was I always misinformed?

  2. What lake did the mishap occur on? Thanks