Saturday, February 19, 2011

2-19-2011 Old Forge Trail Report

Yesterday was a very interesting day in the north....first we had the warm weather and the liquid coming from the sky. Then we returned to winter and by 10:30pm we were sitting in the dark. As the cold front brought very strong winds with it and took down the lines. The power came back on around 6am and the motel was on generator power over night. Today it is back to winter and you will see in the video what I am talking about. Just got back from resetting the rec cam, just a few more to go.

Here's todays video..............


  1. where's the video

  2. I think something missing or it's that bad and and waiting for better conditions.. LOL Thanks Christy's, I check this sight out everyday. Keep up the good work...

  3. that was really cool steve how showed the different weather clips over a few days...Hope to see you in early march..

    sb and rb

  4. Coming back in early March too. I rely on Stev e's reports and watch them religiously every day !! Everything is melted here in Rochester, but we picked up almost a half a foot of wind-blown snow today !

  5. Trails are mint! Did 130 miles with family. Glad we came up!!

  6. Trials were great today.

    Good riding, fun.

    To the husband and wife I met at Clark's today, here is my contact info if you want to go riding. I had the red 2 up yamaha and we were talking about sleds.

    Joe Rebot
    203-675-7653 cell