Monday, February 14, 2011

2-14-2011 Old Forge Trail Report

Well this morning we woke up to warm air and then light R later in the morning. But it wasn't here long and the temps dropped and the R turned to heavy wet snow and has been snowing since. It's hard to say how much we have gotten today. I'd give it at least a couple of inches and with the warmth this morning everything is going to freeze down nice tonight when it drops below zero.

Here's todays video.......


  1. Thanks Steve for letting all out there know about today’s conditions.
    Let’s hope the rest of the week the weather man is wrong and it stays cold.
    There are a lot of nay sayers out there so keep it positive.
    Steve maybe you should put a disclaimer on here as people see what the conditions are when you take the cam out and think that it will stay that way for hours and days to come.

  2. Somebody should inform that guy to stay on the right side of the trail when traffic is coming the other way, not in the middle. Stay right stay safe.

  3. Steve do you think the conditions will hold up for the weekend? Please reply I have had trip planned for over a month and need to know if I should cancel.

  4. The Old Forge trails are a 9.8 out of 10 right now! Was a fun ride tonight with drifting on the trails, no traffic and snow in the air.....not really dangerous white out conditions so it was fun like I said. Trail 10 is as wide and fast as I've ever seen it :)

    My sled was acting up (maybe clutch or engine - clunk clunk just past first acceleration, more violent/louder if I got on it a little but then nothing at higher speeds and rpm???) so I shut it down and now I have something to worry about tomorrow when we go out on a long day of riding. Maybe I'll trade it in at White Lake or Ski-Doo here in town??? Hmmm??? Any ideas or recommendations on sleds??? I might like the Ski-Doo E-TEC 600 or 600-R Polaris

    Get out there - best conditions of the year tomorrow.....

  5. Ho-Ho a couple of my West Virginia friends are staying at Christy's this week too :)

  6. i got the etec coming up today u can check mine out

  7. Ski Doo in town is all sold out of new sleds. Just an FYI

  8. Just called Smiths and yes they had been sold out. But they got in some new sleds from another dealer. So at this time they do have some new sleds on the floor to sell.

  9. Thanks, yeah Doug told me yesterday that they just got (5) new ones in from another dealer. I happen to be in there for a small part for my Mod2 helmet.

    Might go to white Lake today as the Polaris deals are pretty damn good and anything 2009-2011 are all pretty decent.

    Off I go!!