Thursday, March 7, 2019


For those of you that may not know it.  Snofest is this weekend here in Old Forge and here is a link for more info.  The cams on top of McCauley and the trail cam have been going on and off again.  I'm leaning towards an internet connection problem with the way it has been acting and would really like to get them back online before the weekendI had to much going on around here during the day to get away.  So I'm meeting the groomer guy at 2am for a ride to the top.  Conditions are really good and people are going out and doing 150 to 200 miles loops with no problems.

Today's Video...…….


  1. Hey Steve...I know it's gonna turn to crap soon enough but I'm seeing a slight window to ride monday,tuesday and you think it's doable. Looks to go down hill next thursday...time will tell I guess...

  2. First bump we have to get past is Sunday. After that it's going to be a wait and see. Because it doesn't look like much R just warm later in the week. But like you said.....Time will tell. We just had a great run with only a few days of down time in a month.

  3. All-n-All it's been a great season weather wise anyway got some miles in not as many as we would have liked but more than in past years St Patrick's Day is next week and with that the un-official, Official end of the 2018-2019 season the Labor Day of winter hopping the weather holds for the last ride so to speak, Plus the best Parade around A must see if you've never been.
    Thanks Steve for all you do we appreciate it!
    Be Safe Keep Right

  4. 244 miles TEAM DD style today with guys from Cat factory team. New riot is a RIOT!!