Monday, December 3, 2018

Give it a chance...............

I got a phone call this morning and I think my answer shocked him.  He wanted to know if I had rooms open for tonight, as he wanted to come riding, since the trails open today.  I said yes I have rooms open, but truthfully I wish you would stay home.  It was 43 yesterday and we had R.  It is still above freezing now and the driveway out front is a swamp.  The groomers have the trails flat as a board, but they are very soft, with many wet spots after the weather we just had.  All you will do is tear them up and the groomers can't go out and fix them as it is to soft.   So we all will have to deal with a frozen in mess the rest of the winter.  Please give it a few days of cold weather so things can freeze back down.  Would I have liked to take his $$?  Sure but sometimes you have to look at the big picture.  The big picture being we have everything in place to have the best base we have seen in many years.  A base that will get us through warm ups later on and back out riding much faster. But you have to give it a little time to set up.

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