Thursday, February 1, 2018

Never can tell........

Some said we would and others didn't have any snow in the forecast for us tonight.  But low and behold we've been seeing snow on and off ever since sunset.  We have 2 plus of nice heavy wet snow on the ground at 10pm.  Cross your fingers it does this all night and we'll be all set for the weekend.

Today's Video.......


  1. Hey Steve, how much snow did old forge get over night? Im thinking about heading up for this weekend. Thanks.

    1. $ plus of good packing snow. Check out the trail says it all.

  2. I have a ? about the "free weekend", why are New Yorkers not welcome to Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine recip weekend,( I wont touch a FCMQ weekend pass) ? Just a thought but maybe our free weekend sucks for the people who pay for passes. Go Trump!